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SP Metric Projects

  • XBRL


    Refining XML schemas and technology to improve electronic financial reporting

  • ETSI

    Grid Computing Standards for Telecommunications

    Analyzing global grid and telco standards to enable carrier-grade computing infrastructures

  • Financial Services Authority

    Web-based Financial Reporting

    Developing a strategy for Internet-based reporting of regulatory information, using web standards and XML

  • Internet Data Formats

    Internet Data Formats

    SP Metric specializes in moving data over the Internet

    Whether it is XML, PDF or web forms, SP Metric has developed systems which streamline the collection, movement, and management of digital data.

  • Interactive Web

    Interactive Web

    The Web is about more than static information.

    The web should be the interactive portal to your business, enabling your clients and staff to work work together in new, powerful ways. SP Metric develops web-based portals for the small and medium sized business, as well as custom web portals and applications for large organizations.

  • Project and Team Audits

    Project and Team Audits

    Get the best out of your teams, and know where you stand with your projects

    SP Metric provides technology project and team auditing, giving you a clear, impartial view of the current state of your project teams and deliverables.